Monday, 29 October 2012

NOTD - 29/10/2012

Yesterday I went into town with the intention of purchasing some Essence products. Iv'e been looking at the new items to be released on the Essence Au Facebook page and practically drooling all over my keyboard! Anywho, I was on Instagram and some Aussie girls had bought some of the new colour and go polish. Unfortunately they were not in stock at my local Target. But I did purchase a drool worthy polish. I picked up Ulta 3 - Over The Rainbow

This is possibly the most beautiful glitter polish I have ever laid my eyes on. I was admiring the rest of the collection when I was in store, but decided to grab this baby and come back for the rest pay-day ;) This polish contains multi sized blue, gold, red and pinky/purple glitters. There are some hexagonal and micro glitters. The glitters are suspended in a clear base. 

This is one of those glitter polishes that will go with just about every colour you can think of! It will also look amazeballz on it's on made opaque with a few coats. 

I decided to layer it over Face Of Australia - I'll Take You To The Candy Shop. ITYTTCS is a pastel pink with a almost pearlescent finish. It is quite sheer. I used 3 thin coats to get full opacity. 

After my base of ITYTTCS was fully dry I painted 2 coats of OTR. This glitter polish surprisingly easy to apply. I did not find myself fishing for glitter and the brush applied the glitter evenly over my nails. The polish also dried very fast! I often find my glitter polishes taking ages to dry but OTR dried just as fast as my O.P.I. 

This polish is amazing quality. I am surprised again and again by Ulta3. Every polish I buy from them seems to get better and better! For a polish that costs $1.99 you cannot go wrong! Amazing quality and colour range I would highly recommend this polish to anyone! 

The finished product! I'm so unbelievably happy with this mani :) It's so gorgeous I cannot stop staring at my nails! Thank you Ulta3 for providing us with such a gorgeous polish :) 

xoxoxox Vashti

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Nail art - Vintage inspired roses and polka dots.

Hey everyone today I'll be talking about this nail art I created. This design was inspired by vintage floral prints and of course Spring! Here in the Southern Hemisphere it is Spring, and I have been collecting quite a few pastels so I thought it was about time I put them to good use! 

I started off the design by using a base coat as always I used the Maybelline Salon Manicure Age Treatment Base. This is by far the best base coat I have ever used and had noticed a huge change in my nails since I started using it. 

I then proceeded to paint each one of my nails a different colour pastel. From thumb to pinky I used  Face Of Australia; Boys 'n' Berries, Essence; Bloom-A-Loom, Face Of Australia; Have Your Cupcake & Eat it Too, China Glaze; Light As Air and Face Of Australia; Castle On A Cloud

I had no issues applying any of these pastels, the Face Of Australia especially. All of these polishes were thick but in a good way. All of the polishes were opaque in two coats! 

To create the flowers and polka dots I used dotting tools. To see the technique check out my YouTube video :) Link here

The colours I used for the pink roses were; Face Of Australia - I'll Take You To The Candy Shop and Revlon - Berry Delicious. The colours used for the blue roses were; Ulta 3 - Soft Hydrangea and Nail It! - Pacific. Again I had no issues with these polishes. Although, with the Nail It! polish I have had it quite a while and it had started to separate but a slight shake and it was fine! 

The biggest tip I can give you for creating these roses is use a pointy dotting tool or toothpick when creating the outline and centre of your roses! I have tried creating roses on my nails multiple times and I have only had success when using a point. Another tip is do the outline with the corresponding colour. For example pink rose, pink outline! 

After creating the roses you then go onto the leaves. For the leaves I used; Rimmel - Misty Jade and Ulta 3 - Corsican Rose to create dimension. When creating the leaves I make them look like 'little fantails' as I describe them in my video. The leaves, in my opinion really finish off the roses and just make the design super cute! 

I then create the polka dots! For these I used; China Glaze - Lemon Fizz. This is such a lovely colour! I really enjoy using this yellow as it is just the right consistency and opacity and really does work well for these polka dots. In the tutorial I talk about my trick to creating the perfect spacing and pattern for the polka dots :) 

I then finish off my design with a topcoat. The topcoat I used was; Gloss 'n' Sparkle - Gloss My Sparkle. I received this topcoat for free with my purchase of Gloss 'n' Sparkle nail polish. This topcoat is one of the best I've ever used! It adds a lovely shine and finishes off designs perfectly

So that's all for this blog post, I hope you guys like it and check out my video tutorial :D 

xoxox Vashti

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Lust Have It - September 2012 product reveiw

Last month was my first ever time receiving a Lust Have It box; I received the 'Fun & Flirty' box.
I was quite impressed with the selection of products I had received but compared to boxes I have seen in the past, it seemed like LHI had dropped the ball a bit. I was a tad disappointed that no makeup products were included in the box.

To see me open last months box click here

Moving on in this blog entry, I will be reviewing the products I received last month as I impatiently patiently await the arrival of Octobers box.

The first thing I will be reviewing is the 'Say It With Scent hand and body lotion'; I received the vanilla scent. This lotion came in a 30ml sample sized bottle. This lotion is easily my favourite thing I received. The lotion is easily absorbed into my hands, and leaves them feeling smooth and smelling just divine! I have incorporated the hand cream into my nail care routine. (I plan on doing a post on the routine) Ever since I started using this lotion I have noticed a huge difference in the health of my skin and nails. Overall I would give this product a 5/5.

Next I will be talking about the 'Mirenesse Daily Face & Neck balm'; I received clear. This product baffled me. I really didn't understand what it was or what it was for. As I am only 18 an age defence product really did not appeal and this product has been sitting in the bottom of my makeup drawer ever since I received it. I was chatting to another girl who received the balm and she was confused by it too. I came to the conclusion that I use the little sponge to apply some product to my face and neck and it works like a moisturiser/sunscreen. As I have no way of seeing if the product did anything for me I must give it a 0/5.

Thirdly, I am going on to the 'Davroe styling ultimatum non aerosol spray'; this product intrigued me. I had never heard of a non-aerosol hairspray so I was keen to try this baby out. The spray has a rather pleasant smell, the bottle describes the fragrance as 'Floral Green'. I curled my hair and was surprised at how well the product worked. My hair doesn't hold curl well anyway but this product worked just as well as my 'Urban Fudge'. The spray came in handy as I went on holidays last month and it fit perfectly in my travel bag! I give this product 4/5 as it is a bit crunchy.

Now onto the second last product, The 'Dermalogica Multi-active toner'; I was super excited to try this toner, as I had wanted to try some Dermalogica products for a while. The toner has now become a part of my nightly routine. I was using the toner a couple of nights ago while my sister was in the room and she asked me what the smell was as it was just lovely. I must agree that the toner smells really nice! I have also noticed a huge difference in my skin. My pores are quite big and this toner has really helped reduce the size. I will most definitely be repurchasing this product. 5/5! :D

And last but not least the 'Dermalogica precleanse'; this is not the best cleanser that I have ever tried but it is not the worst either. I was really excited to give this one a go as the card said it was used on the Twilight set and I'm a huge Twilight fan (sad I know). After using this product my skin felt very soft and fresh and I did notice minor changes in the amount of pimples. The thing I didn't like was that the cleanser was quite oily. 3/5.

The pack came with some vouchers. One was to claim a free Mirenesse eyeliner, I claimed the eyeliner but it was only for the first 1000 people; I am yet to receive this eyeliner so I am highly doubtful that it will turn up. As I was one of the first to receive my box last month I am left thinking people used the code over and over which I find sneaky and unnecessary. Their was also a voucher to redeem a free full sized Davroe product; I tried to claim it but it was expired.
Oh well! Let's hope I have better luck this month!

I hope you enjoyed this review, if you have done a review please give me a link I'd love to see what you thought!